After some strife with our hosting provider, the webpage for the Something Extra Fair is now live and functional!  We’re still dusting things off and trying to make everything pretty, but the vital information is now in place.  Please take a look around. Most important, take a look at the About page to see.. well.. what we’re all about!

If you’re a designer, we have all the info you need available, and please feel free to fill out an application if you’re interested.

If you’re a blogger or photographer, we’re still working things out on that end, but we’ve added a quick form you can fill out if you’d like to express your interest in being on the team when we sort things out on that end.

If you’re a fashion fanatic who’s excited to see what’s in store for our very first event, please keep an eye on this webpage, and also feel free to join our in-world group, which we’ll be keeping updated with any and all important information.  You can find it HERE.

We’ve got a little over three months until the the doors open, so stay tuned!