Wildstyle Events (in cooperation with GRIMA) is pleased to announce the first ever Something Extra Fair, a kink-positive shopping event and designer showcase focused on femboys and transgirls* of all kinds. Scheduled to open in June 2018, this fair will be primarily fashion-focused, but we are completely open to to any and all products that are specifically tailored towards these long-standing communities within Second Life. Seriously, we’re up for anything!

With more recent widespread adoption of body mods and other attachments for mainstream mesh bodies, and the ever-growing population of both of these groups, more and more products catered towards them have been appearing on the SL marketplace, with a noticeable surge in the last year alone. As such, we felt this was the perfect time to launch an event like this.

If you’re a designer currently creating products for femboys and/or transgirls, we want to hear from you! Alternatively, if you’re a designer that has been considering making products for either of these groups, this fair would be a great opportunity to launch your first item! If you’re a member of either of these communities, we hope to give you an event packed with new products from veteran, indie, and first-time designers. We are more than confident that the customer base for products such as these is large enough to ensure the success of this first fair, with a long term plan of making this a quarterly event.

We’ll be updating the website regularly as we get closer to the event, and you can also join our in-world group for regular updates as well!

We hope to see you all at the very first Something Extra Fair!


* For the sake of clarity and consistency, we’re using the term ‘transgirl’ as a single, all-inclusive term for any feminine avatar that has breasts, and also has a penis.  This includes anyone who identifies as a dickgirl, shemale, futa/futanari, or hermaphrodite. We apologize in advance if anyone in these communities feel that this term does not represent them accurately – it was chosen because it was the broadest and least sexualized option.  If you have a better suggestion, let us know!