Something Extra 2 (September 2018)

The Something Extra Fair (brought to you by Wildstyle Events) is an adult-friendly, kink-positive shopping event and designer showcase focused on femboys and transgirls* of all types – the first of its kind!  Our launch event, which opened in June of 2018, was a rousing success, with overwhelming positive feedback from both the community and the designers who participated.  This has allowed us to move forward with our plans to to make this event quarterly, and as such, Something Extra 2 is scheduled to open on September 21st, 2018.   As before, the fair will be primarily fashion-focused, but we are completely open to to any and all products that are specifically tailored towards these long-standing communities within Second Life. Seriously, we’re up for anything!

With more recent widespread adoption of body mods and other attachments for mainstream mesh bodies, and the ever-growing population of both of these groups, more and more products catered towards them have been appearing on the SL marketplace, with a noticeable surge in the last year alone. Our goal is to create the the ultimate shopping experience for femboys and transgirls by showcasing the growing list of fantastic designers currently making products for them.  As well, we hope to demonstrate just how large this market has become in the hopes of encouraging other designers to create items and fits for these communities.

If you’re a designer currently creating products for femboys and/or transgirls, we want to hear from you! Alternatively, if you’re a designer that has been considering making products for either of these groups, this fair would be a great opportunity to launch your first item! If you’re a member of either of these communities, we will continue to do our absolutely best to bring you an event packed with new products from veteran, indie, and first-time designers.

We’ll be updating the website regularly as we get closer to the event, and you can also join our in-world group for regular updates as well by clicking this link: The Something Extra Fair In-World Group

We hope to see you all at Something Extra 2!


* For the sake of clarity and consistency, we’re using the term ‘transgirl’ as a single, all-inclusive term for any feminine avatar that has breasts, and also has a penis.  This includes anyone who identifies as a dickgirl, shemale, futa/futanari, or hermaphrodite. We apologize in advance if anyone in these communities feel that this term does not represent them accurately – it was chosen because it was the broadest and least sexualized option.  If you have a better suggestion, let us know!