Design Guidelines and Suggestions

The following information has been compiled based on extensive market research and community feedback.  This is meant to serve as a resource in your design process, as we don’t want to place too many restrictions on designers and what they can create.  The one exception to this is the mandatory listings, which are above and beyond the most widespread and commonly used avatar components amongst femboys and transgirls.

Supported & Recommended Bodies

  • Maitreya Lara (Femboys and Transgirls – See note on V-Tech below)
  • Slink Hourglass (Transgirls)
  • Belleza Freya & Isis (Femboys and Transgirls)

Supported & Recommended Body Mods

  • V-Tech Chest Mod for Maitreya

This is by far the most widely used chest mod within the femboy community.  It is highly recommended that you include a V-Tech fit if you plan on releasing any shirts, tops, or other items that would otherwise fit over the Maitreya Lara torso.  Items that leave the chest bare but otherwise fit over the torso are also an option.

Additional Bodies

  • Belleza Venus (Transgirls)
  • Slink Physique (Transgirls)
  • Kemono (Femboys and Transgirls)

The following bodies are not precisely geared towards the communities this event is focused around.  However, some customers do use them for more androgynous male avatars, and as such they might be worthwhile creating fits for.

  • Belleza Jake (Male)
  • Signature Gianni & Geralt (Male)

Additional Body Mods

  • Simple Stuff Femboy Chests

A newer femboy body mod for Belleza bodies.  This mod is still in the very early stages of adoption, but products have been appearing more recently with fits for this chest.

Penis/Cock Brands

The following list has been included in case designers want to create clothing and accessories compatible with and geared towards cocks (ribbons, collars, cockrings, etc).  These are the most commonly seen brands and models within both communities.

  • Aeros (Most Common: Magnus, Xerxes)
  • Sensations (Most Common: Human Cock v6)
  • SKNK (Most Common: Glaidys, Verpas, Common)
  • Sinful Needs (Most Common: Osiris)


This list is by no means complete, and we don’t want designers to feel restricted to any of the products listed below.  Rather, we wanted to offer these as suggestions in the hopes of them acting as a jumping off point for your creative process!

  • Pants, leggings, shorts, etc. with bulge options
  • Panties, underwear, jockstraps, etc. with bulge options
  • Tops, shirts, hoodies, jackets, etc. with flat chest fits
  • Crop tops, or any clothing exposing the chest, with flat chest fits
  • Bathing suits, bikinis, swimwear, etc. with bulge and flat chest options
  • Pants, leggings, shorts, etc. that are pulled down to the thighs or knees
  • Pants and shorts that are unzipped with enough space for a cock
  • Dresses with bulge options and flat chest fits
  • Skirts with holes, cuts, open fronts, lifted fronts, etc. by cocks
  • Corsets or lingerie with holes or space for cocks
  • Corsets or lingerie with both flat chest and breast options
  • Pasties, body chains, harnesses with flat chest fits
  • Ribbons, collars, socks/sleeves, and other feminine accessories for cocks
  • Cages, rings, and other BDSM accessories with a feminine flair for cocks
  • Unisex/Masculine clothing fitted to female mesh bodies
  • Androgynous hair, long hair with flat chest options
  • Body skins designed for with flat chest shading (Omega Compatible)
  • Mesh head skins design with androgynous looks (Omega Compatible)
  • Sex animations where both parties have cocks and/or are of similar height


  • Just some final notes and suggestions to consider when thinking about your product:
  • Making your product compatible with Maitreya and V-Tech ensures that it reaches the vast majority of the customers that will be visiting the fair.  However, the more fits for different bodies, the better.
  • In the case of any products with bulges or that are otherwise meant to incorporate cocks, strongly consider making fits for Slink Hourglass and Belleza.  Transgirls will love you forever!
  • On a similar vein, remember that cocks come in all shapes and sizes, and transgirls tend to be more hung than femboys.  Consider having multiple options for sizes!
  • HUDs with alpha options for chests and cocks (especially in the case of lingerie) are a great way to ensure that your product is compatible with our customers, but also lets you offer it to the general female population as well.
  • Don’t be afraid to defy stereotypes!  While many femboys and transgirls like pretty, girly things, there are also plenty who enjoy other styles as well.  Punk/Rock, Biker, Military, Business/Formal, and Tomboy/Androgynous clothing and accessories are also great options.