Rules and Application

Applications are now CLOSED.  We’re leaving the rules up in case you want to take a look at them ahead of the next around of applications opening for our fall event.  Thanks for your interest!


  1. You must have at least one (01) brand new product exclusive to the event.  This item can be added to your store after the event’s conclusion. More than one new product is perfectly acceptable if you have a Sponsor or Premium booth, though!  Exclusive items will be indicated by a special ‘Something Extra’ event badge on the product display.
  2. Your event exclusive item must be a brand new, original creation.  This can include mesh mesh and/or textures.  No templates or re-purposed/re-colored items.
  3. All products displayed must be geared towards femboys or transgirls in some way.   Please note that this does not just mean flat-chested tops and bulges! Androgynous hairstyles, specialty skins and appliers, and unique accessories are absolutely acceptable.  We are going to be pretty lenient on this rule for the first event and see how it goes. Just keep in mind the type of customers who will be shopping at the fair and what they might be looking for!
  4. While we are not making this a mandatory rule as of yet, it is extremely recommended that any fitmesh items be compatible with with at least one body/body mod on our Supported & Recommended lists on the Design Guidelines page.
  5. Gachas are not permitted for event exclusive items.  However, older previously released gachas already at your store are permitted if you have a sponsor or premium booth.
  6. IP Infringement will not be tolerated.  Please refrain from using any real world branding in your products.  This also includes close mimicry. If someone looks at at a design and immediately says ‘Wow, that looks like the Coca-Cola logo’, it’s probably not going to fly.
  7. Adult content is permitted – up to a point.  This is a kink-positive event, and will be held on an adult-rated sim.  Booth displays that portray nudity and sexual acts are totally acceptable! However, extreme/offensive content (determined at the discretion of the event management team) may result in you being asked to modify your product display or be removed from the event.  Try to use your best judgment/common sense here, and if you’re still uncertain, just talk to us in advance!  And, of course, all sexual content must be in compliance with the Second Life Terms of Service.
  8. Once your application has been approved and we have received your booth payment, you will be invited to the Something Extra Fair [Team] group.  You must remain in this group until the event closes, as all pertinent information and updates will be sent through there. Up to three (03) members of your store’s design team are permitted to join, if necessary.
  9. Booth fees are non-negotiable and non-refundable.