First-Timer Free Booth Program

About The Program

One of the aspects of our first event that we were most proud of was that we were able to offer free booths to encourage new/indie designers to join us for our launch event. We liked the idea so much that we’ve decided to keep a limited number available for future events going forward.

The goal of this program is to offer a risk-free way for eligible designers to participate in our event and see how it works for themselves and their brand. If you are a new, up and coming designer, it offers a platform to showcase your products and your brand to a large, focused audience.  If you are a veteran designer who has been interested in making products for the communities we support, this program is a worry-free way to test-market a new item.

Since the program is brand new, are starting off small to see how it goes.  At present we are limiting the number of free booths available to four (04), although we may add more depending on demand.


This program is only open to stores who are participating in Something Extra for the first time.  As well, one or more of the following criteria must be met:

  • You are releasing your first item specifically focused on femboys and/or trans girls.
  • You have never participated in a large-scale shopping fair before. (Hunts not included.)
  • Your store has less than twenty (20) items total for sale. (In-World or Marketplace)
  • You have only recently started creating femboy/transgirl clothing with fits for our Recommend Mesh Bodies and have less than six (06) such products on sale. (See our Designer Guidelines section on our website.)

If none of these apply, but you still feel as though your particular situation makes you a good candidate for a free booth, please tell us why in the appropriate section on the application.


Free Booths are subject to the same event rules that all of our designers follow, which can be found on the Rules and Application page.  The following rules are specific to this program:

  1. Free booths will be limited to a brand new single item, item set, or outfit. To explain, an item set might be a matching collection of jewelry/accessories, and an outfit might consist of top and bottoms that are meant to go together. If they items are new, and they seem to match in some way, you’re probably fine!
  2. Free booths are subject to a deposit. If your store is selected, a deposit of L$1500 will be taken at the time of confirmation. This deposit will be returned IN FULL when your booth is approved as Ready for Opening during event setup prior to opening.  The deposit is non-refundable under any other circumstances.

Selection Process

Officially, free booth selection is entirely at the discretion of event staff.  However, many factors go into the decision making process.  We look at the store/brand itself, the variety of products available, what fits those products are available in, and also try to diversify the types of stores being showcased in the free booth program.  For future events, we will also take into consideration stores that have applied multiple times and have yet to participate.

Just to offer a few example, if Store A is making items only for the V-Tech chest, and Store B is making items for V-Tech and Maitreya Female (or more), we would lean towards Store B, as their items would be suited to transgirls as well as femboys.  If Store C has been around for eight months and has three products for sale, and Store D has been around for four months and has five products for sale, we would probably lean towards Store D, as they seem to be more active.

Ultimately though, one of the best things you can do to help ensure the best chance of being selected is to use the final comments section on the application to make your case.  Tell us about yourself and why you’d like to be selected!

How To Apply

First, fill out a the standard Something Extra Designer Application, which can be found on our Rules and Applications page.

Then, click the following link to fill out the additional Free Booth program application: Something Extra First-Timer Free Booth Application

You should hear back from us within 2-3 days.  Good luck!