Wow.  Things have been moving so quickly, we haven’t had a chance to post a proper update!  Suffice it to say, everything is looking fantastic so far for our first Something Extra fair!


First up, we’re pleased to announce that we currently have 31 designers signed up for the event!  We had originally hoped for 30, and we achieved this.  So now, everything is just gravy!  That doesn’t mean we’re not still looking, however.  Applications will remain open until May 31st, 2018, and we’re still waiting to hear from some of the designers we’ve invited, so hopefully we’ll have a few more names by the time we finalize the participant list!


Additionally, one of our sponsors, Deviant Behavior, has offered us a unique opportunity to showcase an exciting new way to demo products at the event.  We don’t want to say too much just yet, but it’s pretty darned cool!  Stay tuned!


Lastly, leading up to the launch of the fair, we’re going to be throwing some parties at some familiar venues.  The Blacklist Bunker, Heffa, and likely a few others.  These promotional events will not only give us a chance to get the word out to more of the community, but will feature contests.  We’ll give out more details the closer we get, but one thing we can tell you is what the prizes will be: Early access to the event!  So keep an eye out for more info on when these are happening.


That’s it for now, but we’ll update you with more information when we have some to share!  See you all on June 21st!