The Team

Keli (keliana.tuqiri) – General Manager / Designer Relations

DJ, Sound Designer, Event Planner, Blacklist Co-Owner, Supernerd, and Extreme Elf Enthusiast. Just recently hitting her 10th year in SL, Keli has been all over the grid and involved in many diverse events and design projects during that time, not to mention involving himself heavily in both of the communities being represented at this fair.  Whatever you do, don’t ask her thoughts on anything related to elves – you’ll never get him to shut up. And yes, the pronouns were on purpose.


Nihilium (nihilium.resident) – Business Consultant / Event Partner

Feisty Demonboy and Level 99 Business Warlock, Nihilium gets things done.  He’s also a designer himself, and the co-owner of GRIMA, a clothing and accessories store that has been making products for femboys and transgirls since its inception.  His support has helped make this event a reality, so if you see him out in the wild, give him some spanks in thanks. Trust us, he’ll like it.


Crimoisi (crim.dinosaur) – Assistant Manager

There are some who call her.. Crim?  Don’t let her height fool you though – she is not, in fact, a dinosaur.  Crim joined us a little bit later into the planning stages, but has been kicking ass from her very first day on the team.  She’s been integral in keeping everything organized, communicating with designers, and has just generally been ready and willing to take on any job that needs doing.  She’s an amazing Jill-of-all-Trades and we couldn’t do this without her!


Abbi Quartz (abbi.quartz) – Community Manager

Abbi has been an integral part of Something Extra since Day 1.  Actually, more like Day -58. She’s not only one of the original minds behind the inception of this event, but also a steadfast supporter of both the femboy and transgirl communities.  Her passion and dedication have been integral in making this event happen, and she’ll be acting as our first line of communication for any customer/community questions, concerns, and comments.  Oh, and she rocks a latex bodysuit like nobody’s business.


The Blesseds (Brand New Colony) – Building / Landscaping

Nobody really knows where they came from, they’ve just always been there.   This talented trio, consisting of Mimara, Silver, and Svelte, are the co-owners of Brand New Colony – one of the highest rated photography/sightseeing sims in SL.  They’ve also recently opened a massive, sim-wide backdrop haven for all your photography needs. We’re looking forward to seeing what they cook up for this first Something Extra Fair, but in the meantime, feel free to check out their sim to see what these three are capable of.  Seriously, it’s flippin’ gorgeous, and adult-friendly to boot.