Wow, time flies. This one kind of snuck up on us, and everyone has been super busy and working hard. But, we’re still on track for our launch at Noon SLT this Friday, September 21st! We have a lovely new autumn-themed build, booths are being set up, and this round’s exclusive items are starting to show up on our Shopping Guide! Be sure to check it out over the next few days as we fill it out with all the lovely new items that we’ll be showcasing at this round of Something Extra. The full participants list is also available for viewing.

We’ll be releasing the location right as we open.  The best way to stay informed and make sure you get the landmark the moment it’s release is by joining our in-world group!  We’ll also be making a post on the website at the same time, so check back here for the location also.  That’s it for now – check back for updates and see you all on Friday!